Why Fascia?

Den första avsnittet av den engelska podcasten ”The Fascia Guide”

The Fascia Guide is a podcast about the living body, about new research and a new perspective on health, pain and what it means to be alive.

There is an ongoing global revolution in the anatomical research field, profoundly changing the way we look at the human body.

The reason? Fascia, a network of connective tissue with no beginning and no end, encapsulating everything in the body, from muscles and skeleton, to organs and cells.

While until recently considered unimportant, Fascia is since 2017 acknowledged as the biggest organ in the body and Fascia research has sparked a wildfire of new insights that are challenging conventional belief about how the body works.

The purpose of The Fascia Guide is to provide knowledge about the body in a simple way.

It’s a podcast about science and proven experience, about philosophy and new insights, about the practical application of new research, and about the little things that make difference in terms of lifestyle and well-being

In this episode you will hear Hans Bohlin, innovator and fascia expert, Per Johansson, doctor of human ecology and historian of science and ideas, and Axel Bohlin, founder & editor of The Fascia Guide.

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