New Fascia Research has taken us back to an observing stage

Around the world there is an ongoing revolution within the anatomical research field, turning the way we view our bodies upside down and setting a new standard for how we conduct research. 

Dr Heike Jäger, neuro physiologist and specialist in muscular diseases, chronic pain and low back pain at the Fascia Research Center at the University of Ulm, Germany, is one of those leading this development. According to her, the old premises for anatomical research are no longer valid.

“The old research premises within our anatomical field are no longer valid” – Dr Heike Jäger

The reason being this wildfire of new discoveries that is challenging our conventional view of the human body. One such example (Rein et al, 2014) is the discovery of a new type of nerv endings in the tissue, previously unknown to us.

Since the 90s Dr. Jäger has been conducting groundbreaking research on Fascia and problems in the lower back region, with the help of ultrasound and new measuring methods. Together with her colleagues she challenges conventional beliefs about the human body and sets a new standard for anatomical research.

The new discoveries and knowledge about Fascia has taken us back to an observing stage – we have to investigate our surroundings to get an understanding for what to measure.

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    By Axel Bohlin Founder & Editor, The Fascia Guide
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    About Heike Jäger, Neuro Physiologist at the Fascia Research Center at the University of Ulm