9 tips: How to keep your Fascia healthy and balanced

The best thing to keep yourself healthy and free from injury and thus avoiding getting pain is to try to keep the fascia healthy and make sure the flow and slide and glide works.

Try to maintain the body’s homeostasis – meaning:  keep the body in physical and mental balance.

This requires regular and moderate movement, such as daily yoga training, which slowly stretches the fascia and keeps the flow going so that all transport and communication in the body works without impediment.

Here are some examples of what you can try to think about;

  • Yoga exercises, daily movement with slow stretching of the fascia, brings strength together with suppleness and elasticity.
  • Avoid sitting for too long in the same position, thus changing movements, taking regular breaks from desk work and other undiversified work.
  • Avoid excessive strain, monotonous repetitive movements, heavy lifting and twisting, as it can cause micro damage or major muscle and fascia damage and create inflammation and movement restrictions. Elevated lactic acid levels lower the pH of the musculature and fascial system, which can affect and impaired gliding ability.
  • Not too much strength training as the concentric workout gives short muscles and thus shorter, tighter fascia. Eccentric training, when the muscles work during extension, provides a smoother and more flexible fascia.
  • Varied, healthy diet; Avoid too much sugar as it initiates inflammatory processes and produces a rigid fascia. Also, be careful about other foods that are highly inflammatory and that can trigger the immune system and create autoimmune diseases. Some people are more sensitive than others.
  • Take care of the microbes in your gut and intestinal system, eat probiotic supplements, or, for example, acidic products containing lactic acid bacteria, go to the toilet regularly.
  • Also avoid prolonged mental stress, which gives high levels of cortisol throughout the day, which has many negative consequences for the body, such as impaired immune system, sleep problems, thin skin and hair loss.
  • Sleep well! As we sleep, the body heals and recovers! Sleep deprivation causes stress on the body with many negative factors, high cortisol levels and, among other things, a weakened immune system.
  • Regular Fascia Treatment like Swedish Fascia Vibes, to help with underlying tension, to increase fluid flow and for relaxation