Strolling under the skin: How does it look inside a living body?

Strolling under the skin is a fascinating journey inside a living body. With small camcorders, Dr. Jean Claeude Guimberteau has managed to capture how Fasica actually looks in a living human body.

A living body and a dead body is not the same thing!

For hundreds of years we have used dissection to understand our anatomy. But the bodies dissected are dead (thankfully), and there is a profound difference between a dead body and a living – namely life.

So how does it look inside a living body?

Thanks to Dr. Jean Claeude Guimberteau you can see for your self! In his 2005 video Strolling under the skin, he has used small camcoders to capture vidoe of living Fascia – and it does not look like anything you’ll find in an anatomy text book.

As we have previously mostly seen Fascia during dissection of dead people and animals, Guimberteaus film gives us a deeper understanding of how living tissue functions and how complex, but ingenious our body actually is.

  • What Fascia looks like – a film of living tissue
  • Marvel at how beautiful you are inside
  • English commentary and music

Source: Quarks & Co