Fascia – The Body’s Network Without Beginning or End

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There is an ongoing global revolution in anatomical research, profoundly changing the way we look at the living human body.

The reason? Fascia, a network of connective tissue with no beginning and no end, encapsulating everything in the body, from muscles and skeleton, to organs and cells.

While until recently considered unimportant, fascia is since 2017 acknowledged as the biggest organ in the body and fascia research has sparked a wildfire of new insights that are challenging conventional belief about how the living body works.

  • How do we understand the body as a living whole when our current understanding is based on dividing the body into different parts?
  • What happens when anatomical and physiological studies, conducted according to the scientific method, discover a system, the fascia system, that clearly “doesn’t care” about our customary way of separating the emotional from the physical?
  • How do we help people understand the living body and the possibilities this understanding can lead to – and what happens when we do?