Why knowledge about the body in a simple way?

  • What would happen if people knew more about how their body works?
  • If they knew how to handle stress, how to be more healthy and how to increase their self healing capacity?
  • What would it mean if they knew how the immune system works and how to avoid getting sick? If they got rid of pain or learned how to increase performance?
  • What would happen if people understood that there is no separation between thoughts, feelings and their physical body? If people knew what happens to their bodies when they are afraid or feel unsecure?
  • What if people learned what they could be, their true potential, and how they could start the journey of reaching their full potential?
  • We believe that knowledge about the body in a simple way is a key, or a first step, to actual change. Changing people, changing communities, changing the world.
  • How can we do this? How do we get people excited and curious about their own bodies? How do we keep the physical body interesting in a digital age?
  • During the last couple of years we have developed a simple but powerful method of communication, used by hundreds of health professionals, to inspire their customers & improve relations.
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The Fascia Guide Method

WARNING! This may sound way to simple, but it is extremely powerful! (and tested!)

  • Think about one of your favorite customers/partners/people/friends – someone you care about and want to inspire and/or help
  • What do they need to understand, figure out, realize etc to be able to take the next step in their personal growth
  • Go through the list below and find an article, video, podcast episode, piece of content (or find it someplace else) that you think could inspire them, ignite hope or light that spark of curiosity that gets THEM interested in gaining knowledge about their body.
  • Pick up your phone
  • Send a text message saying something like this: “Hey FIRSTNAME, I just read/saw/listened to this great article/video/podcast about TOPIC and I thought about you.”
  • … go through the piece of content yourself and prepare for an inspiring conversation.
  • Repeat as many times as you want to and don’t be afraid to do it many times with the same person.

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A new possible treatment for patients with Frozen Shoulder

A new possible treatment for patients with Frozen Shoulder? Join the Fascia Conversation Today! Listen to the world’s number one Fascia podcast here Get the FREE Fascia Guide Method here Watch the celebrated Fascia documentary here Can myofascial treatment with pulsating vibrations improve mobility for patients with Frozen Shoulder? – A case study Borg Håkan,…

Can you heal osteoarthritis?

The function of the articular cartilage is to reduce friction between the two articular cartilage surfaces and facilitate sliding when the joint moves, and to absorb the load when the joint is exposed to pressure, compression

The influence of mechanical forces on Fascia?

Connective tissue / fascia is an incredibly adaptable and plastic tissue. It is transformed, remodeled and strengthened or weakened according to the mechanical stimulation (load) to which it is exposed. If we don’t move, the tissue will diminish.

Training for strengthened Fascia

Exercise increases collagen production in tendons, ligaments and all Fascia. To stimulate collagen formation in tendons and ligaments, it doesn’t matter if the exercise is eccentric (muscle contraction during extension) or concentric (muscle contraction during shortening).

Is your Fascia acidic?

When the food we eat is metabolized, metabolites are formed. The metabolites can be acidic or alkaline, depending on what we eat.

Is the body smarter than a supercomputer?

Allt liv kräver vatten, det vet alla! Våra kroppar innehåller mellan 60 – 80% vatten, beroende på ålder, kön och kroppsfett. Vatten är så vanligt och självklart för oss att det på något vis har blivit ointressant, lite för enkelt för att forska på.

Fascia and The Living Body

“Fascia and the Living Body” is a document about the scientific understanding of the body as a living whole.