Is cancer fascia related? New insights presented in Boston 2015

  • The last decade there has been an explosion of fascia research.
  • New research leads to insights and by looking at the body in a completely new way we get new perspectives and explanations to symptoms and diseases like lower back pain, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.
  • At the 2015 Joint Conference on Acupuncture, Oncology and Fascia in Boston, research was presented regarding Fascia and Cancer

Helene Langevin: Fascia, Acupuncture and Manual Therapy

Dr. Helene Langevin is Director of Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

In this film she explains the importance tissue plays in the functionality of the body and how Fascia is interrelated with the immune system. She talks about new discoveries about stretching: the beneficial effect it has on inflammation and its link to chronic pain and cancer.

Patricia Keely: Tissue Stiffness and Cancer Growth

Does cancer cells have anything to do with the physical environment in the affected part of the body?

To test this hypothesis Patricia Keely used two containers, one containing loose tissue and one containing stiff tissue.

She then grew cancer cells in both of them. After 10 days the loose tissue had no cancer cells and the stiff tissue had developed metastasis.

Melody Swartz: Lymphatics and Cancer Biology

How does the immune system work? And why is it not attacking the cancer cells?

All lectures from the 2015 Joint Conference on Acupuncture, Oncology and Fascia