What does Fascia do?

Avsnitt 3 av den engelska podcasten ”The Fascia Guide”

Understanding the living body is quite a complex thing – but there is a simple way to understand the function of the body by understanding Fascia.

In simple terms, Fascia helps the body to load and unload pressure. How does this happen? What is pressure? … and how can you use this knowledge to improve your lifestyle, increase your well-being and learn to handle different kinds of pressure like stress or low back pain.

The Fascia Guide is a podcast about the living body, about new research and a new perspective on health, pain and what it means to be alive. In this episode you will hear Hans Bohlin, innovator and fascia expert, Per Johansson, doctor of human ecology and historian of science and ideas, and Axel Bohlin, founder & editor of The Fascia Guide.

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