The discovery that Fascia – this enveloped network of connective tissues – has a greater impact on our health than previously known, opens up new ways for us to view aches and pains.

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We have also put together a Fascia Guide, trying to explain Fascia and new research in the easiest way possible.

Why Fascia is still relatively unknown

Here are three major reasons why the Fascia’s central importance to the body’s functionality is not nousehold knowledge. It might be helpful to bare these in mind when relating to current and previous research.

Fascia helps us understand the body as a whole

Look at a ballet dancer, a gymnast or a drummer and study their movement, feeling, timing, it is easy to be fascinated by how fast it is. Fascia helps us understand how the body is able to function in such an incredible way.

Fascia Anatomy & Physiology

The old way of explaining Fascia, as a thin layer around the muscles, is obsolete. It is ONE system & this insight completely changes how we look at the body.