What happens when people discover Fascia?

What happens when you discover that things are not as you thought?

Fascia and the living body starts as a fascinating subject, new research, a new organ and new insights. But how does it affect you when you then realize that it goes much deeper, that it is a fundamental change in how you understand wholeness and separation, relations and flow.

The realization that we in fact know so very little about the LIVING body is very humbling.

At the same time, the fact that it is crucial to understand YOUR own body, and that factors like your own experiences, thoughts and feelings are important, makes it empowering.

What would happen if people in general become more humble AND more empowered?

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01. Why Fascia?

There is an ongoing global revolution in anatomical research, profoundly changing the way we look at the human body. The reason? Fascia!

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02. What is Fascia?

It might be a simple question, but it literally takes hours to answer it.
Fascia is the connective tissue that encapsulates everything in the body, from muscles and skeleton, to organs and cell.

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03. What does Fascia do?

Understanding the living body is quite a complex thing – but there is a simple way to understand the function of the body by understanding Fascia.

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07. What is flow?

All that lives has a flow. Each living cell or organism has a flow of water, energies, particles, molecules, light, sound, vibrations, etc.

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