Why is Fascia not mainstream?

Fascia research has sparked a wildfire of new insights that are challenging conventional belief about how the living body works.

In the last 15-20 years thousands of high quality research articles have been published by renowned researchers, from high ranking institutions.

Practical applications of this research indicates promising future solutions to a vast number of common health issues

Still, very few people know what fascia is, especially if you compare it with other new research fields like the microbiome, which is much more well known

Is it something about the subject itself that is hard for us to understand?

Why is Fascia not mainstream?

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01. Why Fascia?

There is an ongoing global revolution in anatomical research, profoundly changing the way we look at the human body. The reason? Fascia!

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02. What is Fascia?

It might be a simple question, but it literally takes hours to answer it.
Fascia is the connective tissue that encapsulates everything in the body, from muscles and skeleton, to organs and cell.

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03. What does Fascia do?

Understanding the living body is quite a complex thing – but there is a simple way to understand the function of the body by understanding Fascia.

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07. What is flow?

All that lives has a flow. Each living cell or organism has a flow of water, energies, particles, molecules, light, sound, vibrations, etc.

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