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    Camilla Ranje Nordin

    Teacher in Fascia & Fascia Treatment

Latest articles by Camilla Ranje Nordin

Is your Fascia acidic?

When the food we eat is metabolized, metabolites are formed. The metabolites can be acidic or alkaline, depending on what we eat.

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Training for strengthened Fascia

Exercise increases collagen production in tendons, ligaments and all Fascia. To stimulate collagen formation in tendons and ligaments, it doesn’t matter if the exercise is eccentric (muscle contraction during extension) or concentric (muscle contraction during shortening).

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The influence of mechanical forces on Fascia?

Connective tissue / fascia is an incredibly adaptable and plastic tissue. It is transformed, remodeled and strengthened or weakened according to the mechanical stimulation (load) to which it is exposed. If we don’t move, the tissue will diminish.

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