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    Axel Bohlin

    Founder & Editor, The Fascia Guide

Axel Bohlin, BSc, is a marketing and communications expert who has been writing articles about Fascia Research since 2014. As the co-founder of Fascia Innovation, a company specializing in Fascia Treatment, he has developed the curriculum for professional education programs and helped hundreds of professional therapists get the latest insights in Fascia and Fascia Treatment.

At the 2015 Fascia Research Congress in Washington he interviewed researchers and fascia experts and at the 2018 Fascia Research Congress in Berlin he organized a study group of 20 attendees covering all lectures and all breakouts.

Together with Camilla Ranje Nordin he has set up one of the worlds largest Fascia Research Databases and since 2014 he is hosting podcasts and lectures with  Hans Bohlin

In 2020 Axel Bohlin founded The Fascia Guide and is currently the editor.

Latest Articles by Axel Bohlin

07. What is flow?

All that lives has a flow. Each living cell or organism has a flow of water, energies, particles, molecules, light, sound, vibrations, etc.

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