Exercises for the Fascia to increased mobility

Imagine the fascia as a web of thousands of thin sewing threads that work alongside each other. If they stick together, which happens when we rest, problems may occur. To a certain level, the body can handle it, but not always. If you look at a cat or a small child, they always stretch after the rest. Why?

Fascia that sticks together, which it does every night when we sleep, affects mobility. Perhaps we should simply take after cats and children: stretch our legs, train agility and mobility. But above all, we should take the latest knowledge about how our bodies work more seriously.

Knowledge of the fascia also affects how we look at training and exercise. In the martial arts, they have for a long time, consciously or unconsciously, trained in a way that benefits the fascia’s functionality. There are numerous examples of footballers who used just martial arts or yoga as adjunct training and had long careers with few injuries. There is a reason that the German world champions in soccer focus their rehab around the Fascia.

Here we will collect information about how you can train fascia. Until further notice, we present one of the most basic ways to avoid stuck together fascia – Yoga.

The sun salutation – an easy way to keep the fascia in shape

A really good exercise for every morning, which takes about 2-5 minutes, is yoga’s Sun salutation.

No mat is needed and it is perfectly possible to do in pajamas. Try to run through it 2 times in a row, every morning for at least two weeks and we promise that you will notice a difference.

  • Take a deep breath and find balance and relaxation
  • Inhale as you extend your arms/body backward
  • Exhale and bend your body forward as far as you can.
  • Lift your head and breathe in, left leg back
  • Exhale and pull the other leg backward, palms against the floor and arms straight
  • Continue to exhale and bend your arms
  • Straighten out the upper body while you inhale
  • Raise the rear and keep the position for three deep breaths (if you can)
  • Inhale as you slide the body up, but retain the right leg backward.
  • Start the way up in the same position as when you went down. Exhale.
  • Inhale and stretch the arms and body backward.
  • Exhale, take the starting position and repeat the exercise again.