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    Per Johansson

    Doctor of human ecology and historian of science and ideas

Per Johansson is a doctor of human ecology and historian of science and ideas, previously active at Lund University in Sweden.

After realizing the potential fascia and fascia research could have in promoting the understanding of the living whole, he together with Hans and Axel Bohlin launched the Swedish Podcast “Fascia Guide” in the spring of 2020.

Fascia Guide started as an eight hour long discussion about the relationship we as human beings has to our bodies, about perspective and paradigms, about the consequences new research and new insights has and will have, and about the history of science and ideas.

It is now a +100 episode phenomenon, with thousands of listeners, a documentary, an education platform and serious attempt to establish a new vision of what a new paradigm might look like.

Articles & episodes by/with Per Johansson

07. What is flow?

All that lives has a flow. Each living cell or organism has a flow of water, energies, particles, molecules, light, sound, vibrations, etc.