Vitamin C Status Correlates with Markers of Metabolic and Cognitive Health in 50-Year-Olds: Findings of the CHALICE Cohort Study, 2017

Topics: ascorbate; cognition; HbA1c; insulin; glucose; hypovitaminosis C

Authors: John F. Pearson, Juliet M. Pullar, ReneeWilson, Janet K. Spittlehouse, Margreet C. M. Vissers, Paula M. L. Skidmore, Jinny Willis, Vicky A. Cameron and Anitra C. Carr


A cohort of 50-year-olds from Canterbury, New Zealand (N = 404), representative of midlife adults, undertook comprehensive health and dietary assessments. Fasting plasma vitamin C concentrations (N = 369) and dietary vitamin C intake (N = 250) were determined. The mean plasma vitamin C concentration was 44.2 µmol/L (95% CI 42.4, 46.0); 62% of the cohort had inadequate plasma vitamin C concentrations (i.e.,

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