Vibrations and their Indication in Sport-Injuries, 2003


Authors: U.G. Randoll and F.F. Hennig


It is the progressive knowledge of the last decades, that focus on medical diagnostics and therapy by new branches of science, (cybernetics, synergetics, nonlinear thermodynamics of irreversible processes, chaos theory) again towards the cellbiological basis of life: [34, 7, 8, 18, 13, 33 ] Cell biology teaches that all cells of the body are embedded into the extracellular matrix and its function and efficiency is depending on its condition. The extracellular liquid washes around the cells of the body like the growth medium the cells of a cell culture. Not only any en and disposal (metabolism) take place over it, but also those, for performance required differently proportioned physico-chemical and neurohumoral control signals.

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