The treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain following the principles of the Fascial Distortion Modell (FDM), 2009

Topics: fascial distortion model, fasciae, manual therapy, reductionism, typaldos, validity

Authors: Rainer Engel


BACKGROUND: Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) is a burden for a high percentage of people and therefore a major field of activity for osteopaths. The present study introduces the Fascial Distortion Modell (FDM) and observes the efficacy of treatments following its principles. METHODS: In a quasi experimental study 22 probands suffering from CLBP are twice treated following the principles of the FDM and are repeatedly tested for their functional status (ODI), pain (VAS), finger-floor distance and intake of analgesics. Three pre-treatment measurements act as base line values and are compared with wo post-treatment measurements. RESULTS: All four parameters statistically significant change for the better. Mean functional status measured by means of the ODI improves from 20, 64 to 12, 75. Mean VAS results drop from 3, 57 to 1, 43. Mean finger-floor distance is reduced from 8, 2 cm to 4, 7 cm in the first treatment respectively from 6, 6 cm to 4, 1 cm in the second treatment. Also the number of probands taking analgesics is reduced during study period CONCLUSION: A treatment following the principles of the FDM is efficacious in treating patients suffering with CLBP.

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