The straight line hypothesis elaborated: Case reference obesity, an argument for acidosis, oxidative stress, and disease conglomeration, 2010

Topics: Oxidative stress, acidosis, obesity, proton imbalance

Authors: Shoma Berkemeyer


Studies report on the association between obesity and oxidative stress, with and without additional diseases. Macrophages in adipocytes, and hypoxia in adipose tissue have been suggested to explain how obesity can relate to oxidative stress. The straight line hypothesis using the lactic acid trap construct has been put forward to explain how proton imbalance can relate to obesity. Proton imbalance has been also reported to associate with the production of reactive oxygen species by inhibition of mitochondrial energy production. This review brings together existing literature and concepts to explain how obesity can relate to oxidative stress via protons, uniquely for itself or, as often observed, in conglomeration of additional diseases.

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