The role and mechanical behavior of the connective tissue in tendon sliding, 2010

Topics: Tendon; Carpal sheath; Sliding system; Tendon vascularization; Finger flexor reconstruction; Collagenic fibrillar framework; Microvacuole

Authors: J.-C. Guimberteau, J.-P. Delage & J. Wong


After carrying out 215 in-vivo dissections, 65 of which were video-recorded, the authors propose that the current representation of the notion of the tendon sliding is incorrect. It is suggested that tendon sliding is explained by the existence of a mechanical adaptable multimicrovacuolar and fibrillar tissue. This tissue enables complete sliding without any dynamic influence on the surrounding tissues. The new theory is based on a polyhedric fibrillar framework, apparently chaotic and complex, subtending the microvacuolar gel, a concept that is to be found everywhere in the human body.

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