The Awareness of the Fascial System, 2019

Topics: fascia, fascial system, myofascial, quantum physics, physiology

Authors: Bruno Bordoni , Marta Simonelli


Fascia is a cacophony of functions and information, a completely adaptable entropy complex. The fascial system has a solid and a liquid component, acting in a perfect symbiotic synchrony. Each cell communicates with the other cells by sending and receiving signals; this concept is a part of quantum physics and it is known as quantum entanglement: a physical system cannot be described individually, but only as a juxtaposition of multiple systems, where the measurement of a quantity determines the value for other systems. Fascial continuum serves as a target for different manual approaches, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic. Cellular behaviour and the inclusion of quantum physics background are hardly being considered to find out what happens between the operator and the patient during a manual physical contact. The article examines these topics. According to the authors’ knowledge, this is the first scientific text to offer manual operators’ new perspectives to understand what happens during palpatory contact. A fascial cell has not only memory but also the awareness of the mechanometabolic information it feels, and it has the anticipatory predisposition in preparing itself for alteration of its natural environment.

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