Oxidative stress and oocyte quality: ethiopathogenic mechanisms of minimal/mild endometriosis-related infertility, 2016

Topics: Early endometriosis . Infertility . Oocyte quality . Oxidative stress . Follicular microenvironment

Authors: Michele Gomes Da Broi & Paula Andrea Navarro


Endometriosis, a highly prevalent gynecological disease, is often associated with infertility, even in its milder forms (minimal and mild endometriosis). However, no consensus has been established with regard to this relationship and the possible mechanisms involved have not been completely elucidated. The oocyte is believed to have an important role in the infertility presented by these patients. Hence, oxidative stress events associated with alterations in the peritoneal, serum and/or follicular microenvironments might result in poor oocyte quality and compromise the reproductive potential of these women. Here, we review possible mechanisms involved in oocyte quality impairment that might lead to infertility in patients with early endometriosis.

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