Non-contrast MRI diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, 2017

Topics: Adhesive capsulitis, Frozen shoulder, Noncontrast, MRI

Authors: Andrew S. Chi, John Kim, Suzanne S. Long, William B. Morrison and Adam C. Zoga


PURPOSE: To investigate non-contrast MRI findings of clinical adhesive capsulitis. METHODS: 31 non-contrast, non-arthrographic, shoulder MRIs were evaluated for coracohumeral ligament thickness, rotator interval infiltration, and axillary recess thickening/edema. RESULTS: In detection of adhesive capsulitis, sensitivity is 76.7% and specificity is 53.3% for coracohumeral ligament thickening, sensitivity is 66.7% and specificity is 55.2% for coracohumeral ligament thickening and rotator interval infiltration, and sensitivity is 23.3% and specificity is 86.7% for coracohumeral ligament thickening, rotator interval infiltration, and axillary recess thickening/edema. CONCLUSIONS: Adhesive capsulitis can be accurately diagnosed on non-contrast MRI shoulder examinations with appropriate clinical criteria without direct MR arthrography.

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