Modeling and simulation of musculoskeletal system of human lower limb based on tensegrity structure, 2019

Topics: Tensegrity structure; lower limb model; motion analysis; gait simulation

Authors: Zhanxi Wang , Chaoran Yang, Kang Feng and Xiansheng Qin


In this paper, a mechanical model of the skeletal muscle of human lower limb system is established by using the Hill muscle model and kinetic equation of the movement of lower extremities according to the attachment positions of skeletal muscle. State vector and neural control are delineated by the direct configuration method. Changes of gait and skeletal muscle stress during walking process are analyzed with energy consumption as objective function. Results illustrate that simulation data are in good agreement with actual walking gait data. Feasibility and correctness of the designed model and control behavior of skeletal muscle tension structure are also verified.

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