Fascia—Current knowledge and future directions in physiatry: Narrative review, 2014

Topics: connective tissue, fascia, fascia function, fibroblast, hyaluronic acid, mechanotransduction, musculoskeletal disorders, musculoskeletal system, myofibroblast, physiatry.

Authors: E H. Kwong and T W. Findley


Fascia can be considered part of the connective tissues that permeates the human body. However, in medical training its definition is not clear, and even among specialists its role is not completely understood. Physiatrists have a unique opportunity to add to the growing scientific and clinical knowledge about fascia, particularly about how this connective tissue network may apply clinically to musculoskeletal disorders. In this narrative review, the structure and function of fascia is discussed from the perspective of physiatry.

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