Emotions in Motion: Myofascial Interoception, 2017

Topics: Fascia, Myofascial, Osteopathic, Manual therapy, Interoception

Authors: B Bordoni, F Marelli


There are numerous articles in the literature dealing with the myofascial system, on the physiological, pathologi­ cal, macroscopic and microscopic level; yet, we still do not have a thorough knowledge of its functions, just as there is still no shared vision of how to classify it. Many professional manual practitioners are involved in its treatment and there are many emerging therapeutic ap­ proaches. What is still missing is the awareness that the body is also emotion. The myofascial continuum is able to stimulate the areas of the brain that deal with the emotional state, and manual treatment activates the in­ teroceptive system. To optimize myofascial treatment, a psychologist should work alongside the manual practi­ tioner, creating a multidisciplinary team that takes into account both the physical and emotional aspects.

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