Emission of Biophotons and Adjustable Sounds by the Fascial System: Review and Reflections for Manual Therapy, 2018

Topics: fascia, myofascial, osteopathic, manual therapy, biophotons, muscle

Authors: B Bordoni, F Marelli, B Morabito, B Sacconi


Every body structure is wrapped in connective tissue or fascia, creating a structural continuity that gives form and function to every tissue and organ. The fascial tissue is uniformly distributed throughout the body, enveloping, interacting with and per- meating blood vessels, nerves, viscera, meninges, bones and muscles, creating various layers at different depths and forming a tridimensional metabolic and mechanical matrix. This article reviews the literature on the emission of biophotons and adjustable sounds by the fascial system, because these biological changes could be a means of local and systemic cellular communication and become another assessment tool for manual (therapy) practitioners. This is the first article that discusses these topics in a single text, attempting to bring such information into an area of application that is beneficial to osteopaths, chiropractors, and manual therapists.

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