Densification: Hyaluronan Aggregation in Different Human Organs, 2022

Topics: aggregation; blood vessels; densification; eye; fascia; hyaluronan; kidney; liver; lung; muscle; skin.

Authors: Antonio Stecco, Mary Cowman, Nina Pirri, Preeti Raghavan, Carmelo Pirri


Hyaluronan (HA) has complex biological roles that have catalyzed clinical interest in several fields of medicine. In this narrative review, we provide an overview of HA aggregation, also called densification, in human organs. The literature suggests that HA aggregation can occur in the liver, eye, lung, kidney, blood vessel, muscle, fascia, skin, pancreatic cancer and malignant melanoma. In all these organs, aggregation of HA leads to an increase in extracellular matrix viscosity, causing stiffness and organ dysfunction. Fibrosis, in some of these organs, may also occur as a direct consequence of densification in the long term. Specific imaging evaluation, such dynamic ultrasonography, elasto-sonography, elasto-MRI and T1ρ MRI can permit early diagnosis to enable the clinician to organize the treatment plan and avoid further progression of the pathology and dysfunction.

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