Cranial osteopathy: Obscurantism and Enlightenment, 2019

Topics: osteopathic, fascia, quantum physics, neurophysiology, cranio

Authors: Bruno Bordoni, Bruno Morabito, Marta Simonelli


The application of cranial ostepathic manipulative medicine (OMM) is always controversial in the literature. Primary respiration related to the movement of spheno-basilar synchondrosis in the adult goes against the knowledge of complete ossification that occurs at this articulation after the pubertal phase. The idea that the operator’s hands can communicate with the meninges is difficult to accept. The anatomy shows us that the fascial system involves the meninges and that from the microcellular point of view there are no layers that divide one tissue from another. The backing of new science, such as quantum physics, sugest that cranial palpation allows the osteopath to come into contact with the meninges. Recent scientific evidence shows that meningeal afferents can affect extracranial areas and that the pericranial musculature itself is able to influence these afferents. The article highlights some reflectations in support of cranial osteopathy, based on scientific information that could help the osteopath to improve clinical work.

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