Comparison of Trunk Proprioception Between Patients With Low Back Pain and Healthy Controls, 2010

Topics: Kinesthesis; Low back pain; Proprioception; Rehabilitation; Spine

Authors: Angela S. Lee, Jacek Cholewicki, Peter Reeves, Bohdanna T. Zazulak,
Lawrence W. Mysliwiec


Objective: To determine whether proprioceptive impairments exist in patients with low back pain (LBP). We hypothesized that patients with LBP would exhibit larger trunk proprioception errors than healthy controls.

Design: Case-control study.

Setting: University laboratory.

Participants: 24 patients with nonspecific LBP and 24 age-matched healthy controls.

Interventions: Not applicable.

Main outcome measures: We measured trunk proprioception in all 3 anatomical planes using motion perception threshold, active repositioning, and passive repositioning tests.

Results: LBP patients had significantly greater motion perception threshold than controls (P

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