Communicating About Fascia: History, Pitfalls, and Recommendations, 2009

Topics: fascia, terminology, connective tissue, subcutaneous tissue, aponeurosis

Authors: Helene M. Langevin and Peter A. Huijing


The modern reader and author need to be aware of possible ambiguities and misunderstandings stemming from different meanings of the word “fascia” because the general meaning of the term can be so vague as to imply little more than some form of connective tissue. “Fascia” encompasses both loose and dense, superficial and deep, and multiple- and single-layered connective tissues. To foster communication, we here suggest twelve specific terms to describe specified aspects of fascial tissue: Dense connective tissue Areolar connective tissue Superficial fascia Deep fascia Intermuscular septa Interosseal membrane Periost Neurovascular tract Epimysium Intra- and extramuscular aponeurosis Perimysium Endomysium

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