Can Myofascial Treatment with Pulsating Vibrations Improve Mobility for Patients with Frozen Shoulder? A Case Study

Topics: Frozen Shoulder, Adhesive Capsulitis, Fascia, Myofascial Pain, Fascia Treatment, Myofascial Treatment

Authors: Borg H, Bohlin H, Ranje-Nordin C


Thousands of patients are annually diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder (FS) or adhesive capsulitis, where the joint capsule contracts and becomes less flexible. The condition is painful, with reduced range of motion (ROM) in the shoulder and arm and causes great suffering, often with difficulty sleeping and greatly reduced work ability. The treatment given today is partly conventional treatment with cortisone or NSAID preparations as well as physiotherapy and other therapeutic treatment which usually have limited effect. The study investigates whether myofascial treatment, using a device generating deep pulsating vibrations, can provide increased ROM and facilitate for these patients. 23 patients diagnosed with FS were included in the study. Three treatments were performed, within set time intervals. The ROM was measured before and after each treatment, pictures were taken with a thermography camera and angles were measured.


The result showed that 87 percent got an increased ROM by 30 degrees or more, that 52 percent of the patients improved ROM by 60 degrees or more, and that 30 percent regained full ROM. 61 percent of the patients also reported improved quality of sleep. The study indicates that this treatment could possibly improve ROM and well-being for patients with FS. Further studies are recommended to evaluate and validate these findings. A validated treatment of FS could mean great socioeconomic benefits and an increased quality of life for patients diagnosed with FS.

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