Amelioration of estrogen deficiency-induced obesity by collagen hydrolysate, 2016

Topics: Collagen; Obesity; estrogen deficiency

Authors: Tsay-I Chiang, I-Chang Chang, Hsueh-Hui Lee, Kuang Hui Hsieh, Yung-Wei Chiu, Te-Jen Lai, Jer-Yuh Liu, Li-Sung Hsu, Shao-Hsuan Kao


Objectives: Menopausal transition with declining estrogen levels significantly affects the physiological properties of women and consequently contributes to a series of medical conditions, including obesity. Obesity is a crucial risk factor associated with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and breast cancer. Increasing dietary protein content improves satiety and energy expenditure. Thus, we hypothesize that supplementing with collagen, a common dietary protein, may alleviate menopause-induced obesity. Methods: We used ovariectomized (OVX) rats to mimic a menopausal human. The body weight of OVX rats significantly increased compared with that of sham-operated rats (P

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