A unifying neuro-fasciagenic model of somatic dysfunction – Underlying mechanisms and treatment – Part I, 2015

Topics: fascia, somatic dysfunction, fascial dysfunction, fascial mechanisms, osteopathic manipulative treatment, osteopathic models, fasciagenic model, fascial treatment, fascial release, manual therapy

Authors: Paolo Tozzi


This paper offers an extensive review of the main fascia-mediated mechanisms underlying various dysfunctional and pathophysiological processes of clinical relevance for manual therapy. The concept of somatic dysfunction is revisited in light of the diverse fascial influences that may come into play in its genesis and maintenance. A change in perspective is thus proposed: from a nociceptive model that for decades has viewed somatic dysfunction as a neurologically-mediated phenomenon, to a unifying fascial model that integrates neural influences into a multifactorial and multidimensional interpretation of dysfunctional process as being partially, if not entirely, mediated by the fascia.

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