A prophylactic effect of local vibration on quadriceps muscle fatigue in non-athletic males: a randomized controlled trial study, 2019

Topics: fatigue, vibration, muscle

Authors: Khadijeh Otadi et al


This study was conducted to investigate the immediate prophylactic effects of local vibra- tion on quadriceps muscle fatigue in young non-athletic males.Thirty healthy young males were randomly assigned to vibration and sham control groups. Participants in the local vibration group re- ceived a single session vibration (2 minutes, 30 Hz). They also in the control group received a 2-minute vibration, while the vibration system was off. MVC, RMS and median frequency of EMG findings and time to reach fatigue were measured. Time to reach fatigue and MVC in the local vibration group was significantly high than those in the sham control group. It seems that the prior local muscle vibration may be useful to attenu ate some signs and symptoms of muscle fatigu.

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